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Useful travel websites – useful travel websites for traveler

 You want to stay healthy and happy while traveling. Here is some useful travel websites you should check it out when you are planing for the trips.

Do you know how to get good food while you are traveling? Do you know how to get good hotel at good location …..Here is some useful travel websites I always use to check out the place I am going to. Let’s check them out.


If you have a dream travel around the world. Here is some websites can help to make your journey are fun and safe.

Useful travel websites

Useful travel websites

1. Triptease

At Triptease, you can browse user-provided itineraries while the site’s built-in search engine searches for the best rates and opportunities for your trip. Combining the best of professional and community travel advice, Triptease allows you to search for specific locations or use a stumbling feature to inspire your wanderlust. This website is best for: Getting good deals on highly reviewed travel experiences.

2. Homestay

Homestay is a unique and personal accommodation option that focuses on connecting like-minded travelers with local hosts in their home. It is really good choice if you don’t want to pay much for hotel. With locations around the world the Homestay community offers a tailor made local experience for travelers, and an equally unique and gratifying experience for hosts. Simply load up the site to browse and find the right places and people to make the most of your trip. This website is good for planning a trip to a new or remote location so that you have built in local support, or getting to know a familiar holiday spot in a new way.

Useful travel websites

Useful travel websites

3. Skiplagged

Skiplagged helps you find the cheapest flight possible by making use of hidden city opportunities. They will give you more choices how to get to destination. Skiplagged keeps track of these money-saving opportunities so that you can easily find the cheapest flight to your destination. This website is good to find shorter flights and one-way trips.

4. Rome2rio

Rome2rio is one of many useful travel websites that will help you take your entire travel time into consideration. Before booking your plane, train, or boat tickets, put your home post code and precise travel destination into the site’s interface for an accurate estimate of exactly how long your full travel time will take over several different transportation methods and routes. It will help you make very details plan for your trip. If you are traveling on a tight schedule then this website is good choice for you.

Useful travel websites

Useful travel websites

5. The Man in Seat 61

Seat 61 is an excellent way to find alternative transportation. If you’d rather take boats, trains, and busses than planes, look no further. Just enter in your start and end points to see what routes and methods are available to you. They can help you find the best deal for you. I have tried it and i have to say this website is my favorite useful travel websites.

If you are European travel, backpackers and budget travelers, travelers with fear of flying this you can consider this site is best choice.

6. Jet Lag Rooster

If you’re crossing time zones, Jet Lag Rooster will design a personalised sleep schedule to help you avoid jet lag on your trip. Plug your travel details in 3 days before your flight, and Jet Lag Rooster will do the rest! I’ve found out that it really good to get sleep at right time when you are flying cross time zones.
If you are an international travel, travel often for business trips then I suggested you check it out.

7. Black Tomato

If you are on honeymoons, or traveling on bug budget travel then Black Tomato is where you could find what you like. Black Tomato allows you all kinds of specific options to find a travel experience tailor made for your needs. Most notable is their Unusual Holidays, sure to inspire your creativity.

Useful travel websites

Useful travel websites

8. Context Travel

This one is useful travel websites I would recommend to you . If you looking for a truly informative walking tour, then Context is the best choice, This website provides tours around the world given by prominent professors, archeologists, historians, and urban planners. If you are curious tourists and want to know about history then here is the website for you.

9. iFly

Are you looking for flights tickets then you must check out iFly, This site will keep you up-to-date on delays as well as give detailed information about any airport. If you have to transit at many airports or terminals then iFly will help you plan trips between terminals, find the best places to eat and shop on a layover, and put you easily in touch with any airport’s lost and found. Check it out then you will see it is one of the most useful travel websites for making the best of your layover!

Useful travel websites

Useful travel websites

10. Spotted By Locals

Spotted by Locals offers you a real deal travel experience. Check out 57 city guides across Europe and North America compiled from local tips to discover true gems. Especially if you are “food hunger” like me and always want to eat well on long trips then this website is something very helpful.

Best for: Finding tucked away restaurants and less crowded activities.

There is list of some useful travel websitesIf you got some thing more to add on, please leave a comment bellow. I hope it could help more and more people will have fun any safe traveling.

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