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Travel on a budget – how to make financial plan for your trip?

Before I’ve recommended to you some useful travel websites. Today I will share with you some things you should do while you travel on a budget. 

To travel on a budget is a difficult thing to many people, and unfortunately it can deter some would-be travel and discover this incredible planet. To help you get the most out of your journey, here are some suggestions you should do while you travel on a budget.


It is good to make a budget for your trip, then you can know exactly how much money you have spent. But sometimes it also makes you feel enjoy less your trip. This article will give you some good tips to travel on a budget but still have a good traveling.

Travel on a budget

Travel on a budget

1. Stay in hostel

When you travel on a budget, then you are already know how much money you want to spend for hotel. If hotel will cost more than the amount you want to spend then hostel is good choice. This one is pretty obvious but it cannot be overstated just how much more wallet-friendly budget accommodation options like hostels are compared with hotels, resorts and rental homes. Not only are you getting lower prices , but you’re getting the authentic backpacker atmosphere, and memories to last a lifetime.

Stay at hostel then you can spend more money for food, shopping…You can find more information about how to get good food while you are traveling on

Travel on a budget

Travel on a budget

2. Venture off the beaten path to save money

Tourist traps can be an absolute nightmare for your wallet when you travel on a budget. Sure, the they are usually popular for a reason, but anywhere you choose to visit will have so many incredible things to see, people to meet…that you won’t have to queue for hours just to get close! Even some destinations that appear to be a little off the beaten path are becoming more and more popular with backpackers as their hidden gems are slowly discovered. Don’t fall in to tourist trap is the way to stay healthy and happy while traveling.

3. Check out how much visa cost

Some countries don’t require visas for entry as a short term traveller, and others charge for the privilege of entering. Be aware what you’re getting into, as you can plan your journey around destinations with cheap visa processes. That will help a lot to save money when you travel on a budget. You can check out about visa, or documents to apply for visa for the countries you are going to. For that, google, Tripadvisor…will be helpful for you.

Travel on a budget

Travel on a budget

4. Save up frequent flyer miles

Chances are, at some point your adventures will take you far enough away that you’ll need to fly. It’s definitely worth joining a frequent flyer program and racking up those miles/points. Over time they really add up and can get you discounted flights and upgrades! What can be better than you travel on a budget and can use the miles you have saved on your frequent flyer program to fly to the countries you want to visit.

Travel on a budget

Travel on a budget

5. Travel light

When you travel on a budget, you can save more money while flying by taking carry-on luggage only, and avoid checked baggage fees. Most cheap airlines will charge you more if you want to check in your bag. If you want to save money, just pack so light when you traveling then don’t need to buy check in baggage. Check out how to pack good when traveling on

Here is some tips to have good travel when you travel on a budget. I hope you can use some of them to make your traveling fun and happy. Feel free to let us know what did you do to enjoy your trip when you travel on a budget.

Trang Vu – Travel on a budget. 

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