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Travel dress styles for summer – What should I wear on the trip?

Summer is always my favorite season to travel for me. I am heading to Europe and here is some of my travel dress styles for summer.

I love traveling and I also love to make me look stylish while traveling.  I always want to try new mix-match styles for summer. Here is some of my travel dress styles for summer. Check it out and let me know if you like it.


About travel dress styles for summer, dresses have become a travel staple for many girls. They are the best way to feel feminine and pulled together on the street. If you are travel soon, here is some choices of travel dress styles for summer.

Travel dress styles for summer

 T-shirt dress

I think nothing can get any simpler than the t-shirt dress. It is a good choice for girl that want to look good but still do not show off too much skin. it’s also very comfort during travel. If you eat well on long trips with many kind of local foods, this dress will be your wonderful friend. The t-shirt dress also works great on long travel days and you can use it as a dress and a top by the way tuck it into shorts or trousers as well. This is easily and versatility one of the best travel dress styles for summer !

Travel dress styles for summer


Convertible became famous for all the girls now. This item is very nice and versatility of use. Convertible is making the most out of your travel wardrobe, this item does pretty good job! With one pice of convertible you can be worn over many different ways. We love how it looks as a chic dress, however it can also work as a scarf to use while you are on flight. It can also use as a cardigan and a wrap top as well. If you want to pack good while traveling but still can mix-match many travel dress styles for summer then convertible is best choice.

Travel dress styles for summer


If you want to change style between day and night then shift dresses are another relaxed style. You just need to mix it with different kind of shoes and accessories then it can work well for day or night . I love the pretty, summer-perfect embroidery on both the Zara and Free people dresses. You will look like a bohemian girl very sexy and attractive. If you are traveling to the beach then this item is a fantastic denim alternative for travel! This item is one of the travel dress styles for summer i like the most.

Travel dress styles for summer


Maxi dress is girl favorite travel dress styles for summer . It is so comfortable to wear a maxi dress made my cotton when you are at tropical country in summer. This item works very good for all people even you are skinny or chubby. If you are a girl that want to look feminine , don’t show off too much skin but still look very sexy and attractive , then nothing can be better than maxi dress. Maxi dress with flutter sleeves will blow off the summer heat and keeping you stylish. This item can work in any land of the world with a warm and sunny climate and we particularly love it for the beach!

Travel dress styles for summer


A crisp shirtdress is in my favorite item. This dress will work perfect with high heel or sneaker. This style of dress is universally flattering.. If you are in good high then a white crisp shirtdress and a pair of sandal, sneakers…is enough to make you look stunning. But shorter ladies may want to go with a higher hemline and high heel. They will make you feel supper classic. Don’t be afraid of wearing white when you travel, White is wonderful color when you are walking on the street in a sunny day. You will be a very eye-catcher lady.

Travel dress styles for summer

Two Piece

Similar to convertible dresses, a two piece set is always my choice to pack when i am travel. It is an ultra functional piece. When you have it , you already can mix and match at least three outfit options immediately, you can mix and match them to your liking with some shoes and accessories as well! You can wear them together or mix them with other items for more cute travel outfits. Add it in your travel dress styles for summer list, you will always look like a fashionista.

Travel dress styles for summer


I love the breezy and effortless vibe that a tunic provides. What can make you feel comfortable and so stylish if it is not a tunic. with cute details adorned on these tunic dresses, I can not say no to it. It would be a stylish additional to your travel dress styles for summer. You can wear them at a summer festival or walking around a beach town. The tunic dresses with the emphasis is tassels, bell sleeves and boho flare will make you look so pretty. Some tunic dresses can work as both a dress and a pretty tank. It would be fit with many styles as casual, formal and even as a skirt!

If you are looking for the best travel dress styles for your upcoming trip, one of these options will help you chose what to bring with you on the trip. I hope you like some of my mix-match outfit for summer.

Trang Vu – Travel dress styles for summer

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