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Stay safe on your travels – What we should to to stay safe?

Nowaday people care so much about traveling, discover new experiences, general safety precautions are in order. Here’s how to stay safe on your travels.

People want to stay happy and healthy while traveling. Beside of that safety is also very important while you are on the trip. How to stay safe on your travels? The answer is here.


Adventure traveling is more popular now. Most of people are enjoy it. They eat well on long trips to get energy for many activities. But while you are on adventure traveling, you should also know how to stay safe on your travels.

Avoid troubles while traveling

Avoid troubles while traveling

1. Get travel insurance

Travel insurance is something is suggested you must have while you are traveling. If you don’t already have it, you must definitely get one; safeguard against lost luggage or canceled flights can save you big bucks in the long run and give you peace of mind. If any bad thing happens on your trips then you can cover medical fee by travel insurance. That is good tip for you to stay safe on your travels.

2. Keep electronics to a minimum

For tech-savvy millennials it’s tempting to tote around every camera accessory possible, but in the case of electronics less is more. You don’t need your huge digital camera on every excursion, and who are you kidding – you won’t be working from your laptop in your free time.

Your phone can take awesome quality photos and send emails if need be. Lugging around bulky electronics not only slows you down but also makes you an obvious target for those looking to snatch them up. With the exception of your phone (obviously), keep your electronics locked up in your hotel room’s valuables safe – or better yet, don’t bring any on your trip to begin with!

Stay safe on your travels

Stay safe on your travels

3. Keep your head up

Remember keep your head up also help you to stay safe on your travels. Walk like you know where you’re going; it’s widely known that your less likely to be approached if you are quick and alert. As an alternative to staring down at your phone’s Google maps while navigating around a new city, plug in an earbud and listen to the voice guide you! You’ll take in more sights and be more aware of your surroundings.

4. Be cautious at bars

No one’s telling you NOT to go on Tinder dates when traveling, just be careful. Advertising that you’re in town on vacation makes you a bit more susceptible to being targeted than the next person. Watch your drink (that goes without saying), but watch your bartender make your drink too; not everyone is trustworthy. You might meet a girl is traveling solo, and yes she looks stylish while traveling, you want to get to know her, just be careful with stranger when you are so far away from your town. Always remember that stay safe on your travels first.

Stay safe on your travels

Stay safe on your travels

5. Download safety apps

With solo travel trending right now, it’s likely that at some time you’ll end up wandering around an unfamiliar city alone. Family and friends can keep thier eyes on you even from a distance. Some of the free apps on the market will be helpful. Must-haves include:

  • Uber: you should have Uber downloaded, you can use Uber at many cities in the world now! If come to the country that people don’t speak English then public transportation can intimidates or confuses you. So just use Uber and find a car on your traveling.
  • Drunk Mode: Another app that’s also a good choice for you. Just turn it on before start your day’s activities, and if you decide to separate from the group at some point to take your own detour it’s easy to find your friends’ location. Plus, it’s fun to look back and see where you went at the end of the day!
  • bSafe: If you are traveling alone, and you are at strange place then bSafe is good app for you. Although your friends or family members must download it as well, but this app is good choice for your friends and family can know about your situation, your location and they can notify police who can maybe help you quickly.

Use google , Trivago, Tripadvisor also can help you to find some others apps can guide you hot to stay safe on your travels. 

Stay safe on your travels

Stay safe on your travels

6. Be aware of  your money

Always keep small amounts of cash on hand, or keep some cash safe at the hotel in case your bank does not work. You should also keep copies of the fronts and backs of all of your credit cards (as well as passports or IDs). Also, don’t forget to notify your bank that you are traveling because they will freeze your cards at the most inconvenient times if you don’t. Good financial plan also can help you enjoy and stay safe on your travels.

Stay safe on your travels

Stay safe on your travels

8. Don’t let people distract you

Always be aware with you backpack or valuables things in safe place. Pickpocketing is happens in tourist hotspots. A woman, kids…or any people can be a pickpocket. They will try to get your attention and make you off guard then others will grab your wallet. . Don’t be vulnerable – if anyone suddenly approaches you, be mindful that it may be a ploy to quickly divert your attention. Keep valuables secure on your body at all times! And do not bring your passport every where and always keep it safe.

9. Know your country’s embassy information

You should always keep information of your country’s embassy or consulate in foreign countries. It can be helpful in so many unexpected situations. Check out their contact information and location! Some countries will have a free service provided by the government that keeps you updated on safety and security information, and can help you stay in contact with your family in case of emergency. Check out if your country has one.

Stay safe on your travels

Stay safe on your travels

9. Be health conscious

In case you got a few bug bites or a scratch while traveling – especially internationally – make sure to clean and treat them quickly and carefully! Subjectively to care for even the most minimal of flesh wounds could lead to serious discomfort and health issues. Remember that most travel and health insurers do not cover medical fees internationally; although your insurance may reimburse you in the future, always put beside some money to prepare in front for the cost of any potential hospital bills.

10. Dress inconspicuously

Try not to stand out; or get attention for people, check out come informations on what the locals generally wear. For example, may be standard summer clothing in the USA or Europe may be show of skin too much in other countries and can even be considered inappropriate- especially in most Muslim countries. Men and women alike, though, should try to be as inconspicuous as possible when in an unfamiliar place. Blend in! Then you will have less risk to become target by pickpockets and potentially dangerous predators.

Hope you find it helpful for you to know how to stay safe on your trips. Got some things more to add on this list. Please leave the comment below. Together we will have much more fun and joy with safe traveling.

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