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Many people find out that it is so hard to look stylish while traveling. Here you are, this is the right place for you to some tips about that.

While I am traveling, I am always try to pack light. I will pack some clothes that I can mix & match many styles. Living out of a backpack makes it nearly impossible to look stylish while traveling, but I want to look a little less like I chose my outfit based on which articles stink the least.


Many people care so much about how to keep diet while you are traveling. Some body care much more about what to bring to look stylish..If you are traveling with airplane, then you know that all airlines has limited weight you can check in or carry on. So it is hard for me to pack when i want to bring many things. If you want to pay more for extra suitcase then you can bring more. If you don’t want to pay more for suitcase then this is some tip for you to pack light but still look stylish while traveling.

Look Stylish While Traveling

Look Stylish While Traveling


1. What kind of clothing you never travel without?

The best choice I think that is a wrinkle-resistant black dress. They exist in tens of thousands, in every style, for every body type. Go out and find yours! The key is something with a bit of stretch, which will keep it’s shape and keep wrinkles at bay. When I pack a black dress, I feel confident knowing that no matter where travel might turn, I will have something to wear that works  – day, night, cocktails, you name it. I hoard black dresses; whenever I find a good one, I buy it. You will always look stylish while traveling just with a black dress.

Look Stylish While Traveling

Look Stylish While Traveling

2. What kind of shoes would you bring with?

Exact styles will depend on weather and climate, but these three general categories will hit all your needs to keep you look stylish while traveling:

A wedge or stacked heel for night. If you get stuck walking farther than expected (and you always do) you are in a shoe that is a bit more practical and way more comfortable than a skinny heel. Depending on the weather, you could do a wedge or stacked sandal, bootie (peep toe or closed toe), or even a boot! And, it goes without saying, pick a pair that will go with your (above) black dress. Easy!

Stylish athletic shoe. Great news for travelers: The whole athleisure trend is so strong right now, and will keep you comfy. For travel and exploring days, I always grab pair of Nike Free shoes. They’re not my usual running shoe, but they’re so sleek, lightweight, and come in fun patterns and colors – plus, they will work if you need to squeeze in a workout.

Supportive casual shoe. Keyword: Supportive. Aka, not flats. I don’t know about you, but I cannot walk around in flats all day. These tend to be my most investment-heavy shoes, and I wear the heck out of them. Look for something with stability and support, but still fairly lightweight. Something you can walk in, and look great in. Like I said… Investment. Depending on the weather this might be a Birkenstock or a flat tall boot/bootie.

Look Stylish While Traveling

Look Stylish While Traveling


3. What is your go-to “plane outfit”?

I always envy those girls in airports looking great in heels. I think that they look stylish while traveling. ButI tried it once, then i find out that they also look ridiculous.

If we are building outfits off the 3 shoe styles above, I will usually do the athleisure look with sneakers, but occasionally, if I know we have somewhere to be straight off the plane, I will wear a supportive casual shoe with denim. Here’s how these 2 options usually break out for me:

Sneaker: Yoga pants or crops, with a tank, and a couple different layers. Layers are so key: My temp is all over the map on travel days. The plane is cold, and then you sweat trying to make your connection. For layers, I usually do a lightweight long sleeve, and a cropped jacket or long cardigan. See a great example of this here.

Supportive casual shoe: Skinny jeans (with stretch!), with a tunic-length top, and a cropped jacket. The tunic length is good, because it covers any bagging-out your denim might have done on the flight, and keeps the look streamlined and polished. If we are headed out right from the airport, I will swap my shoes for heels in transit. Simple.

For both options, I always do a cross-body bag for hands-free ease. And, I know most people recommend scarves, but frankly, I have a hard time keeping track of one more thing, and I’m kind of germ-phobic about where it might accidentally fall or brush.

Look Stylish While Traveling

Look Stylish While Traveling


4. Use multiple functions accessories

I’m not a big accessories person in general; I like simple sterling, gold and turquoise basics that work with most everything I wear. I’m also a little afraid of accidentally leaving something small and special behind, so I tend to travel with minimal-to-no jewelry. I like to buy jewelry wherever I visit, as a way to bring a piece of that place back home with me, so usually I’ll wear what I buy.

But when I do pack it, I go for something sturdy, statement-making, and cross-functional like a chunky hammered silver bracelet, or a long beaded necklace. I recently started a line of beaded tassel necklaces called Lucid Originals that work great for travel because you can swap out the tassel between black, tan, or none, and they’re not too expensive!

Aside from jewelry, in cold climates scarves are a great way to re-wear clothes while making the whole look new. For bags, I primarily use the cross-body I brought on the plane, and throw in a clutch for night.

As many other girls, I want to look stylish while traveling, but I also care much more about stay healthy and happy while traveling. How about you? What do you care most while you traveling?

Look Stylish While Traveling

Look Stylish While Traveling

5. What would you like to buy on the trips?

I really should pick something far away and exotic here, but I have to say, I would travel to the American Southwest and buy a giant vintage turquoise squash blossom necklace. I have been dreaming of getting my hands on one for years, and haven’t yet committed to throwing down the cash. If I lived in my hypothetical dream land and already owned one, I would board a plane to Italy and buy the best boots I could find. My love for boots borders on obsession.

Look Stylish While Traveling

Look Stylish While Traveling


6. Check the weather at where are you going to

I am always check the weather, location …before i am traveling then I decide what should i bring with me. For that point you can find out that Tripadvisor, Google… are very helpful. However  I can tell you one thing: We are not bringing zip-off camping pants, no matter how practical they might be. I am assuming I’ll be carrying all of this, so here’s the breakdown:

  •      Running skirt – to wear on hot active days, and to dress up with a tank at night (no really, I’ve done this before).
  •     J.Crew Pixie Pant – The most-worn item in my closet, these leggings transition well day to night, and hold their shape between washings.
  •    Wrinkle-free black dress – as outlined above in question 1.
  •     2 tank tops in a technical/easily washable fabric
  •     2 t-shirts in a technical/easily washable fabric
  •     A long cardigan – 100% wool holds up best
  •      A cropped jacket – I like a denim moto style
  •      A down vest – packs small and keeps your core warm when you need it
  •      Sneakers/stylish athletic shoe
  •   Supportive short flat booties
Look Stylish While Traveling

Look Stylish While Traveling

These are the things I couldn’t live without. They could really be mixed and matched in an astonishing number of combinations. In addition to this list, I would reserve some cash to buy what I need where I need it and then leave it with a friend or donate it to a stranger when I moved on.

I hope you find out that this article is helpful for you. Now we know that it is not difficult for us to look stylish while traveling. If you also care about food and want to know how to eat well on long trips then  you can find more information on

Trang Vu – Look stylish while traveling

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