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Eat well on long trips – How to eat well on your long trips?

Long-term travel is a fun, eye-opening experience. Do you want to know how to eat well on long trips. Here are my top tips on how to eat well on long trips!

How to eat well but still stay fit and healthy while traveling? If you want to know some useful tips about it. Let’s check it out.


Many people love traveling, and me too. But when i am traveling on long trip, I want to eat well. It took me long time to find out knowhow to eat well on long trips. Now i am here to give you some tips about that. Then you can enjoy your long trips.

Eat well on long trips

Eat well on long trips

1. Drink Water

Drink plenty of water, and try to keep a bottle on you at all times. Water will help you stay hydrated and flush out toxins from alcohol, caffeine, and sugars. Drinking water throughout the day will also help you feel full and you’ll be less inclined to over snack or overeat. This is one good way to eat well on long trips.

2. Produce

Many countries have daily or weekend produce markets – don’t be afraid to take full advantage of these! Stock up on your daily vegetables and fruits at the local stands.

Farmers usually pick and sell their produce on the same day. This means you’ll be eating the freshest food on hand! You won’t worry about getting your daily nutrients and vitamins. Just make sure that the produce you are buying is free of pesticides or GMOs. Buy and eat fresh food is good for you. That is how you are enjoy and eat well on long trips.

Eat well on long trips

Eat well on long trips

3. Snack Often with One Big Meal

For sure you can eat well on long trips. Snack is good choice. Snack healthily throughout the day. Stay energized with proteins and natural sugars: a cup of yogurt, some sliced veggies, a bag of nuts, or a granola bar will keep you going without overloading the calories. Jerky and string cheese can also be tasty options in moderation.

Nibble and keep to small portions—this will prevent you from diving into the nearest fast food restaurant you find. Try to only eat one big meal per day. It can be lunch or dinner—just not both!

4. Cut Back on Alcohol

Whether you want to admit it or not—sugary cocktails equal a lot of extra calories! Opt out of fruity beverages or mixed drinks with sugary sodas. Try instead light beer, a glass of wine, or a shot of local alcohol. You get the taste without sacrificing your health.

Eat well on long trips

Eat well on long trips

5. Eat Out Sparingly

You can eat well on long trips by many ways. It could be eating out. Eating out can be fun when you’re abroad, but when traveling long-term, try to keep it to a minimum. Eat out once a week or so. You can track what goes into your body better if you cook meals yourself.

Chances are you have access to a kitchen in your vacation rental or hostel—so pick up some fresh produce and fish and whip yourself up a healthy meal. Plus your wallet will thank you later! If you do eat out, a few smart choices can make a difference down the road.

Choose steamed meat over fried, ask for your salad dressing on the side, have your burger with the bun, or double the veggies.

Eat well on long trips

Eat well on long trips

6. Indulge

It seems counterintuitive but go ahead—indulge! You’re in a new country and you should partake of the extraordinary every few days. Long-term travel is all about pacing yourself. Eat healthy one day, splurge for a little treat the next.

Choose something local so it’s all the more special. It will make you know more about the place you are in. That is eye-opening experience.

Here is some tips about how to eat well on longs trips. I hope it will help you a bit to have fun, interesting and safe traveling. If you want to know how keep diet while you are traveling, you can check out information on Tridaf.

Trang Vu – Eat well on long trips

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