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Best place to stay in Hanoi – where should I stay?

Are you heading to Hanoi and want to find the best place to stay in Hanoi? Here is some ideas for you. Hope you could find good place to discover Hanoi.

I am a Vietnamese girl from Hanoi. I love this city with very good and many kind of street foods. There are several best places to stay in Hanoi. Let’s check it out.


Vietnam is small country at Southeast Asia. This country has very long history and very beautiful natural. Hanoi is capital – one of the big city of Vietnam. More and more traveler visit Hanoi and here is their idea about some best place to stay in Hanoi.

Best place to stay in Hanoi

Best place to stay in Hanoi

1. Old Quarter

Old Quarter as others have stated. Most fun to simply walk the area (plus the Cathedral area as well). Plenty of good hotels and restaurants. There are many souvenir shop. They sell many traditional clothing(silk, ao dai, even replica brand the north face….). You can easy to find good hostel there with very good price (USD 15 – USD 30 for backpacker). At Ta Hien street has many bars, pubs, restaurant. You can easy to find many international good ( India, Thai, Italia, French…). If you want to get good food while you are traveling then Old Quarter is the best place in Hanoi. You can find restaurants and bars cater to different budgets.

Best place to stay in Hanoi

Ta Hien street- where you can find fresh beer for 5000 VND.

2. Hoan Kiem district

Hoan Kiem district is Hanoi’s commercial centre, where you can walk to visit Hanoi Opera House, National Museum of Vietnamese History, and Ngoc Son Temple. Hoan Kiem Lake set at north part of Hanoi Old Quarter, Where have houses charming colonial architecture, art galleries, boutique shops, street markets, and Buddhist temples, while the French Quarter on the south hosts most of Hanoi’s luxury hotels, government offices, embassies, financial institutions and upmarket shopping malls.

Best place to stay in Hanoi

Best place to stay in Hanoi

At Hoan Kiem district you could easy find mix interesting point between traditional and modern, French culture with Vietnamese culture showed on the street and colonial architecture. Many traveler have been to Hanoi recommended that Hoan Kiem district is the best place to stay in Hanoi for cheap hotels and backpacker hostels (Old Quarter) – who travel on a budget, sophisticated five-star hotels (French Quarter), busy nightlife scene ,stay in the centre of the action.

Best place to stay in Hanoi

A beautiful lake in the centre of city.

3. Ba Dinh District

Ba Dinh District has most of Hanoi’s historical monuments, including Temple of Literature, Presidential Palace, One Pillar Pagoda, Hanoi Flag Tower, and Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum. If you don’t like overcrowded Hoan Kiem Lake area then Ba Dinh district is great for travelers, who liking to see more cultural and historical. Here you also find even more mid-range hotels, several neighbourhood bars that overlook the tranquil Hanoi Botanical Gardens and quaint restaurants. Hanoi’s main cultural and historical monuments are set within this area.

Best place to stay in Hanoi

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the large memorial to the Vietnamese leader in Hanoi’s Ba Ðình Square.

But in Bad Dinh district do not have many bars and pubs in the area Shopping opportunities are scarce. But if you want to drink some thing you can easy reach to Old Quarter by taxi or walking for 10 min. Ba Dinh district is one of the best place to stay in Hanoi – good for wealthy travelers, anyone who wants to go sightseeing.

4. Tay Ho (Hanoi West Lake)

Tay Ho or Hanoi West Lake is quiet area of Hanoi. It is another best place to stay in Hanoi. Vietnamese called this area is “khu pho Tay” because most of Western foreigner stay there. Tay Ho caters housing a collection of mid-range hotels, stylish bistros, and lakeside restaurants. Besides that it just take s25-minute taxi ride from Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem District, also Tay Ho houses ornate Buddhist structures such as Tran Quoc Pagoda and Quan Thanh Temple. Sen Tay Ho buffet is famous buffet restaurant in Hanoi. You can have Hanoi buffet and international buffet.

Best place to stay in Hanoi

Best place to stay in Hanoi

Tay Ho is good for wealthy travelers, who like a quiet stay in Hanoi. At Tay Ho district you can find buddhist pagodas and temples, lakeside cafes and international restaurants. Tay Ho Weekend Market offers ethical goods and Vietnamese cuisine. But here is not many choices in terms of accommodation. Nightlife is also limited. So if you want to have nightlife and party, probably Hoan Kiem lake is the best place to stay in Hanoi.

Are you ready for your trip to Hanoi? Is this helpful for you to find best place to stay in Hanoi ? Leave  comment below to let us know about your way to find good place to stay in Hanoi. Care to know what to do and what should not do in Hanoi? Check out thing should not do while traveling in Hanoi on Tridaf.

Trang Vu – Best place to stay in Hanoi

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