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Avoid troubles while traveling – what things people should do

Nobody want to get in trouble while traveling. How to stay away from troubles on the trip? Here is some thing will help you avoid troubles while traveling.

I like to stay healthy and happy while traveling. Good way to keep that thing going is try to avoid troubles while traveling. If you are interested on it, there is some thing good for you.


Every people want to have good time while they are traveling. If you want to know how to get good food while you are traveling, you can read some articles we have made on Tridaf. This article will give you some good tips to avoid troubles while traveling.

1. Don’t limit your travel search to only popular travel portals

Don’t just looking at websites of the big Traveler as that will limit on your chances to find a good deal. Don’t think they are the only answer to all your trip planning concerns. Expand your horizons and check out website that even they aren’t popular on the market yet. You’re likely to find really good deals and offers on such portals as compared to the biggies. You should search on Tripadvisor, Google…information about what you should not do at the place where are you going. That is important. It will help you know what you should do, what you should not do then you can avoid troubles while traveling.

Avoid troubles while traveling

Avoid troubles while traveling

2. Don’t take pictures of people without their permission

Travelers have repeatedly come across such travel warnings, but still engage in these acts. You might think it is cool to take candid pictures (and videos) of people and tag it as ‘Street Photography’, but the subject in your frame may or may not approve of it. Always be sensitive to what situation you and the person is in and always ASK FIRST. If you see some people look stylish while traveling, you want to take photo of them. Remember that ask for permission from them first. It’s never worth getting into trouble with locals when you’re miles away from your city or country.

3. Don’t be addicted to your smart phones

You’re on a vacation for relaxing and trying new experiences. Pay less attention on your phone or you’ll not be able to enjoy where you currently are. Social Media check-ins, chats, and your office chores can wait. The thing you should bring with you like camera and charger adapter. Many people use cell phone to take selfie now. But at some places you are visiting they might be not allowed you to take photo. So good way to avoid troubles while traveling is look around to see if there is any travel warnings that you are not allowed to take photo at that place.

Avoid troubles while traveling

Avoid troubles while traveling

4. Don’t commute by cabs

Want to avoid troubles while traveling ? Use public transportation as much as possible. Avoid taking taxis as they will always overcharge since you’ll have ‘tourist’ written all over your face. Taxi is tourist trap that have at most of tourist area.

5. Don’t let your phone roam

If you don’t want to have incurred monumental data bill in our hands, when you are back to home after your trip then turn off roaming on your phone while you are traveling. In order to avoid that, either contact your network provider for an overseas plan before you leave or only use the free Wifi that your hotel provides.
It’s not really an issue locating free Wifi these days. While Starbucks & McDonald’s almost always have free Wifi, you might also find it in many smaller coffee shops and public parks at the destination you’ve visiting!

Avoid troubles while traveling

Avoid troubles while traveling

6. Don’t take your safety for granted

Travelers are subjectively to overlook safety concerns when they are traveling internationally. it can get them into trouble in the most unexpected of situations and places. For example, one must not walk alone after dark even in countries tagged as ‘safe’ and ‘friendly, drink until you get drunk like death at bar when you are so far away from your house, or have one night sex with a local people…you don’t know what you can infected with after short fun time…

7. Don’t dress immodestly and disrespectfully

You have to check it out and be aware for it. There are strict laws for dressing in the Middle East, the South East Asian countries and Islamic countries. Always dressing normal of the country you’re visiting. Dressing disrespectly and display your love in various nations can get you in nasty situations with the local authorities. For example you should wear clothes to cover all your body when you visit temple in Thailand, or don’t show your skin too much when you are at some Muslim countries…Dress as a local people will help you stay out of trouble.

Avoid troubles while traveling

Avoid troubles while traveling

8. Get travel insurance

You’re traveling internationally and unknow where anything can happen to you on the trip. Keep in your mind that you are far away from your town then if any thing happened you might be can not get good medical service as at your home country. Also it will ruined your trip and bring you a big bill to handle that trouble. From injuries to thefts to natural disasters, anything can disrupt your trip. Got insurance to protect you from high cost problem might happen can help you feel ensure on your trip.

9. Don’t exchange your currency at the airport

The currency exchange centre of airports will give you the worst exchange rates. It’s always better to use an ATM card, or a credit card, or the currency exchange shops in the markets.

Got anything to add to this avoid troubles while traveling list? Pop them in the comments below and share this with other globetrotters to help them plan and execute their travel plans better. Wish all of you have wonderful journey !

Trang Vu – Avoid troubles while traveling

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